Our History

Quality Meats & Quality Service At Affordable Prices Since 1975.

Boyden, Iowa - where Gaylord 1st became a butcher.

The humble beginnings

Gaylord Smith grew up and started his career as a butcher in the rural town of Boyden, Iowa.  He began with Smit & Sons, a family owned sausage grinding and meat processing company.  After several years he moved to Marcus, Iowa to run a larger company called Marcus Lockers where he became a Master Butcher.  In 1964 Gaylord moved his family to Southern California and went to work for Tustin Meat Company, specializing in high quality meats of all kinds.

In 1975 he followed his passion and endeavored out on his own, establishing Gaylord's Meat Company in Fullerton, California.  His mission was to produce only the highest quality ground beef locally.  Decades before it became popular, Gaylord committed to using only the best ingredients, producing great tasting ground beef with no fillers, no hormones, and no antibiotics.  Over 40 years Gaylord's is proud to still be a Fullerton family run business delivering the highest in quality and service. We are proud to build on the foundation established by Gaylord, continuing to produce fresh ground beef daily and delivering it never frozen to customers that know the difference while also offering prime cut beef, pork, chicken, turkey, quail, rabbit and more.

Our promise

We only put our trust in suppliers who deliver quality meats and foods.

Our philosophy

no fillers, no hormones, and no antibiotics in Our Ground Beef.


Our beef is ground on site daily.

Premium Quality

Using USDA choice and select quality beef grass-fed and raised in Australia and New Zealand is our goal.  We commit to producing fresh ground beef daily and delivering it never frozen to customers that know the difference.

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